Monday, October 28, 2013

Sewing Wool Soakers

We love wool over cloth diapers on our babies. I have saved a few special items over the years but not enough to diaper a new baby, so I am making up the difference with my sewing machine.

I scoured my favorite thrift store for a few weeks to collect super-soft sweaters on 50% off days. I gathered about 15 sweaters in many colors. It's best to choose very soft lambswool, merino and cashmere sweaters. The body of a soaker needs to be thick but with the pattern I am using I need thinner fabric for the cuffs, so I found a variety of thicknesses.

All of the sweaters I chose went into a hot wash and dry to shrink. Don't want them shrinking later!

I am using a pattern I found online. The sizing seems good. I am glad I started with the second smallest size, though, as my babies are rarely tiny for long and I'd like to have these fit for awhile.

The first soaker. 
The blue and green soaker was my first. I really like how it turned out, but I did make some changes before I made the second one. For this soaker I used the second-smallest sizing in both the body and the cuff/waistband, but I feel like I could have gone down a size in the cuff/waistband. The blue wool is lambswool from a sweater Kassi used to wear all the time. The green is cashmere from a thrift store find.

The second soaker.
I made another one! This time, I used the smallest cuff and waistband size on the second-smallest body. I think this will fit a smaller baby and grow with them for a few weeks. The body is 100% lambswool and the cuffs are cashmere.

I plan to make a few more in each size going up. Maybe I will get some pictures of the process. Really easy. These each took about 30 minutes total, including cut out and sewing the cuffs/waistband inside by hand.
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