Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How old am I?

I used to give Karl so much trouble about not knowing his actual age. How could someone forget their age? Hogwash! I was sure he was faking and just being difficult. For years I have been the one to answer when the kids ask how old Daddy is. He always says he doesn't know.

Well, it happened. This year, in fact all of this year... I forgot how old I was. I have been telling the kids all year that I was 33. Anyone who has asked has been told I'm 33. I just knew I was 33. After all, I was 32 last year, right? Makes sense! This December 2nd, I was planning to turn 34.

I'm 3 here. 
But my friend Phoebe did the math the other day and I am turning 33, not 34. I have also confirmed this at the website "How Old am I?" I have a feeling I'll be using that site a lot.
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