Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Little Help

My three youngest helped me make dinner while Tristan had his piano lesson. 

The carrots were for chicken soup. 

The pumpkin is for tomorrow, for pies. 

What could be more fun for this crowd than wielding dangerous tools (knife, peeler) and removing pumpkin seeds with your hands? 

It was messy work. 

Kassi was very good with the carrots. 

They had a pumpkin seed removal race.

It made for a lot of action and mess.

Rome is flipping over the finished halves.

He seems to have won. 

At this point I told them it wasn't really a race, to which Rome replied, "But if it was a race, I would have won."

Time for baking

I'm sure they will want to help with pies tomorrow. 

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