Thursday, November 07, 2013

More Fall Garden and Life

It would seem I am all set to plant the rest of the beds.

I have seeds- carrot, spinach, turnip, kale, chard and beet. Last night we brought home three more of these 25' soaker hoses we've adopted for our watering system.

They seem to work rather well and have an excellent guarantee so that we can replace them should they break. The watering we are doing now won't last long, just until the rain, but the seeds and seedling need to stay wet.

I need to mulch in around the broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. For this, we have straw. It is not mulched yet because I waited to see if the soakers were watering properly and they are. Mulching that bed will complete it. It is full to the brim with vegetables.

The bed on the other side is empty except for some basil, the pole beans which we're letting go to seed, and one lone chard plant that grew into a small tree. I plant to let the basil seed there so that I can expect some volunteers next year. The rest of the bed is for more chard, perhaps carrots, or turnips.

Out front we have the largest bed all but empty. This is where the new soakers will go, and depending upon their layout I will plant beets in various locations, maybe turnips as well. In the front, by the sidewalk, Kassi wants to plant some poppies and other flowers. So, we shall.

I have been so, so tired. I think I am fighting a cold. Maybe it is allergies. We finally got all our grocery shopping in yesterday, meaning I have food in the house to make meals. For a couple of days there we were putting it off and it wasn't pretty. Now I have plenty of choices and even the ingredients for cookies and pie, which in my opinion makes a house a home.

Thursdays are park days, so whatever I choose it will need to be either done before I leave and re-heatable or crockpot fare. Then we can spend the whole day at the park and come home to food. You don't want to see this crowd come home to no food after a day at the park. Especially pregnant me!

Still waiting for peas to emerge...
Two trellises, two rows
Kale starts from friends

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