Saturday, November 23, 2013

Pajama Time

I made serious progress in the Christmas Pajama department today. I did this while Karl went off to buy fencing materials for the broken fences, and also more while he worked with the kids taking down one of the old fences.

Rome's Pajamas cut out. 

I had a little fun with the appliques I am using on the shirts. 

With Kassi's you can spell KART.

More fun. 


A big pile of progress.
I cut out all the patterns I need, and then the fabric piece for Kassi's, Rome's and Toly's. By this time, my back hurt. And Tristan's pattern needs much alteration in order to fit him. It's an adult size but he is not an adult. Legs need shortening, and sleeves.

I hope to get to it tomorrow. With all four pajama sets cut out, sewing them is the easy part. These are all knit, so I'll fire up the serger for them. It has not been threaded in a year.

After cleaning up from the cutting I went out and helped a bit in the yard.
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