Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Peas, please?

We planted all of those peas. I hope to have pictures to share in the weeks to come of tiny pea plants sprouting. All of the kids helped poke the plump little seeds into the ground, all our fingernails are still dirty.

Before we could plant I had to prepare the beds and make sure the soaker hoses would water in the right places. Most of the peas are out front where the tomatoes and cucumbers grew during the summer. Two long rows with trellises; one of snap peas and another of shelling peas. We have one meager row in the back where the pole beans grew. Those are snow peas.

I am so tired from the work. I'm not in tip-top shape, you see, and I run out of breath easily these days. I forgot to eat while working and came inside ravenously hungry. The kind of hungry I have only experienced while pregnant, like I could fall over and die right there in the kitchen if I did not eat something immediately.

The cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower from the day before seem happy with their new home. I don't know what sort of pest can come and kill seedlings at this time of year in California. I hope none do.

I think there is still time to plant potatoes. We have these lovely wine barrels and I want to try potatoes in barrels like I've seen in various places like these:


Because I was so sick and we missed many compost pickups this season, we would need to buy some soil for this project. We'd probably go to this local joint and buy good soil. I also need to find some organic potatoes to get sprouting right away.

Blanket progress.
Craftwise this week, I have only been knitting and not much of that. I might have cut patterns this morning but I was prepping for the peas. It will happen soon. I say this now and know I'll regret it later, but I can't wait for the rain to come and stifle some of our activity. We're so busy this fall.

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