Sunday, November 17, 2013

Recent Purchases

I'm waiting on a couple of items in the mail.

The first is Kwiksew's Easy Sewing the Kwik-Sew Way.

I had to buy this because my oldest, Tristan, has outgrown the masters in Kwiksew for Children. And it's pajama time. Each Christmas the kids get pajamas. I have not sewn the pajamas in two years (I've had plenty of excuses) but this year I will return to sewing them.

The other item I'm waiting on is dried elderberries.

In years past I have made my own 'Sambucol' from elderberries, but  have none growing outside my front door here. There are good reviews to be read about these dried berries and their usefulness with regard to making similar syrup. Wish me luck! We ordered 2 pounds.

Sambucus syrup is so expensive, especially with 6 people in the house. This should help with costs tremendously.

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