Friday, November 08, 2013

Sewing Baby Clothes

I am still in tea-drinking mode this morning. If I ever truly wake and get moving about, I'd like to cut out some patterns for baby clothes. Cutting patterns is always my roadblock. Once they are ready to go I feel like I can sneak in there and cut fabric and sew more often and without so much fuss. And this baby needs clothes! I like these patterns in Growing Up Sew Liberated:


I'd like to make these out of some very soft organic cotton fleece and interlock I have. I may also make a jacket or two of wool cut from recycled sweaters.

I have some hand-me-down baby items now plus the few things I saved from all the other babies. These are mostly sentimental and not utilitarian. There are two baby gowns that will fit a newborn and some onesies and tees that I am afraid will be too cold for the time of the birth (all of my other babies were born during warm weather). Keep in mind that we live in a house with no heat and it will be pretty chilly. I'd like to make some pants and jackets. I also have a polyfleece sleep sack that I would like to replicate out of natural fibers. Here is one tutorial I found: Make Your Own Sleep Sack. This would be nice made of soft, soft wool. You can buy wool ones online but they are so expensive I don't know who buys them. Like this one: Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag.

Between the gowns, sack, jackets, pants and a few hats, baby should be cozy.

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