Friday, November 29, 2013


I already lost the honeypot, so I guess it is no big deal that I didn't post yesterday. I just couldn't. 

Wednesday night, as we all looked forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving with our church family, Rome spiked a fever. Toly had already been sick since Monday, but I had high hopes for his recovery. Karl took the others out for a walk to the library before the holiday closure. By the time they returned, Rome was beyond sick and Kassi, who had gone with them, also had a fever. Late in the night, Tristan became ill, too. And just in case that wasn't enough, Toly developed a relapse of sorts. 

There would be no Thanksgiving. I mean, Give Thanks if you Dare. 

At this point on the day after Thanksgiving, I am pretty sure they have the flu. The real deal. Tristan threw up a couple of times at the onset (common in children with flu), they have all had high fevers, aches, pain, cough and general misery so severe that they can hardly move. Kassi, who is probably the most sick, is suffering from hives which come and go and at their peak covered her mouth so she couldn't talk. Yeah, they are sick. I have been sleeping every night with one or the other burning-skinned child.

So instead of celebrating Thanksgiving with our church, we tucked the kids inside and got to work outside on our new fence. Karl and I finished one side on Thursday. We were fully expecting to turn around today and start on the other side, but fate had other plans. 

Karl is sick today.

But I am not. So I went out (apparently, folks, it is Black Friday and this was a bad idea, m'kay?) shopping for food and sundries. I went to Costco and Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and Ashby Lumber. I was all alone for the morning and it was weird. But we needed food and medicine and coated fence screws, assuming Karl gets better. In an effort to defy all illness I bought a 28 pound turkey and the fixings for for stuffing, yams, pumpkin pies, green bean casserole and cranberry sauce. I have put a significant dent in the prep for this meal today. My pies will be done in 20 minutes. 

I still came home to sick people. Very sick people. Toly is recovering but has waves of illness that mostly manifest as outrage. He also has a hacking cough. Tristan is making good recovery and is smart enough to drink the elderberry tea and eat the soup I have made. Kassi is still very ill, but the hives have lessened and she is eating. Rome seems to get the fever in spells, with almost-normal hours between. He helped me make pie. 

 Tomorrow will be feast even if we're all too sick to eat. We all know leftovers are the best part, right? 

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