Thursday, November 21, 2013

The big Star Wars watch

It's time. Time to watch the STAR WARS series together as a family.

We've been collecting the films on dvd and only need #4 to proceed. I'd like to make this a holiday tradition if we can. They are all finally old enough to appreciate at least some aspect of the films. Tristan, 11 years old, is ripe for them.

I used to think we'd watch them in release order, because that is the order I watched them in. But then, there is this: Machete Order.

It only took one read of this post to convince me that this order is superior. My kids are going to see 1,2 and 3. It's just inevitable. So I feel like Machete Order is the most responsible way to introduce these to him. I am personally all in favor of leaving 1 out, but Karl feels like we should include it.  So we'll watch 4 5 1 2 3 6.

The added bonus is that they're already kind of fascinated with Star Wars fandom and have decided to be Star Wars characters for next year's costume season.

Kassi= Leia
Anatoly= Luke
Rome= r2d2
Tristan= c3po
Baby Georgiana= Yoda

People, I will do just about anything to get to make those costumes.

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