Sunday, December 08, 2013

More sewing from today

I am still feeling rotten, with a lingering cough making my throat raw. I did manage to sew quite a bit today while the kids were distracted. Having a sewing room with a door makes this so much easier than in Christmas's past.

I worked more on the pajamas. Nothing much. I haven't cut out Tristan's yet and that is looming over me. But I have assembled the other 3 pair. They only need elastic and hems.

I made Kassi's Christmas Dress. This time I made it from a dress I bought from the thrift shop- a large adult dress in beautiful narrow wale corduroy. I cut it all to pieces, except for the skirt. Then I put it all back together and it is lovely. I need to wash and press it.

I also got down to Totoro Hoodie business, as you might have seen in my last post. I now have two complete. They just need a looking-over for strings. I am pretty happy with the results.


Someone asked if I was using a pattern. No- I researched a lot and watched a tutorial on youtube. There are different methods out there. I could have made the hoodie itself from scratch but didn't want to. Instead I bought grey hoodies from Target and altered them. I also bought a matching pair of sweats, and that is how I have matching fabric for the ears and chevrons. The white fabric is anti-pill fleece and the black is felted wool sweater from the thrift shop. When I am done with these I will have 4, one for each kid. If I were wise I would have purchased a baby hoodie too and made one ahead of time for baby. But I don't have time right now for non-Christmas crafts. 

I feel like I am almost halfway done with the Christmas stuff. I have yet to:

  • cut and sew Tristan's pajamas
  • hem and elastic the other pajamas
  • sew two more Magic deck holders
  • make 2 more Totoro hoodies

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