Monday, January 20, 2014

Merino Wool Sleep Gown

I am super excited to share my newest baby sewing because it surprised me by turning out so very well. I mentioned awhile back that I hoped to make wool sleeping gowns or sacks for this baby because she's due in a cooler time of year and we have no heat in our drafty old house. Well, I made one!

I made it with a modified version of the Growing Up Sew Liberated baby sleep sack. I really love this pattern book. My sewing area is piled with pre-cut envelope tees and bubble pants (also from the book) so I will report back when I have made those.

Anyway, back to the sleep sack: I modified the pattern so I could use a high-quality merino wool sweater I bought form a thrift shop instead of cotton knits. The sweater was very thin, very fine merino wool. I washed and dried it before cutting to make sure my end product would also be machine wash and dry-able. I also used a bit of ribbing from a cashmere/ cotton blend sweater purchased at the same thrift store. When I cut the sleep sack I incorporated the bottom edge of the sweater, which was ribbed and thus tighter than the rest, so I wouldn't have to add elastic to the bottom hem of my sleep sack.

I wish I had pictures of the process. Maybe next time. It's hard for me to remember to take pictures when I am excitedly working on something. But I do have pics of the finished product. I am very happy with it.

Full length. You can see the bottom ribbing of the sweater at the bottom of the sack. 

The pictures are pretty rough, but the ribbing is light heather grey. 

Here's more detail of the bottom. Easy diaper changes!

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On. Seems like a great end-of-pregnancy thing to do!

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