Monday, January 20, 2014

Preparing for the Birth

For the first time in years, I brought out the cloth pads.

I made them a long time ago. I used them for just a short while then before switching to the DivaCup which I love and have used ever since. I actually have two DivaCups, keeping one in my purse just in case. Well, not since I got pregnant last spring, but you get the idea. With the Diva, I have never needed pads or anything else. So the cloth pads have been in a duffel bag waiting for their next use.

After a birth, you can't use a cup. It won't work and it's not healthy to put anything up there. Enter these pads I made ever so long ago. They are in the dryer right now as part of the birth prep.

I have a lengthy list of things to do before the birth. Assembling a birth kit is one of the things. I have chux pads, cord scissors, the birth certification paperwork, receiving blankets, and a birth ball. I still need some tinctures, sterilized cord tie (which I will probably make myself from string) a printed copy of Emergency Childbirth for Karl and a list of post birth contacts. I'll also have the kids pick out a first diaper and outfit for the baby. For fun we plan to have a nicely printed home 'birth certificate' to enter the length and weight and so on, plus a foot ink pad for a set of first footprints. I will need a postpartum outfit for me including underpants and these pads.

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