Monday, January 27, 2014

Tiny Baptismal Gown: The Beginning

2 yards of kerchief linen. 
Yesterday I purchased the linen I will use to make the baptismal gown and cap for baby Georgiana. She will be roughly 40 days old when she is baptized. I don't know what size she'll be. Like the gowns I made for the group of us when we were baptized, I hope to make this one pretty forgiving in size. It will be loosely based upon the T-tunic or priest's gown (outer cassock), and different from the others I have made because Georgi will not be able to lift her arms to cooperate when we put it on.

So I will make the garment like a cross, with the neck hole large in the center. It will fold over her and fasten along the underarms and sides with buttons and loops. One feature it will have in common with our family's gowns is an appliquéd cross, white linen on white linen, which I will probably put on both back and front.

Along with the gown, a cap. I plan to make a simple cap with ties, again adding a cross appliquéd in white linen.

I will not make my first gown out of this linen, so to begin I will use muslin. I may save the cap until she is born, to be sure it will fit.

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