Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Work-in-Progress Wednesdays

At least until the birth, when everything grinds to a beautiful halt, I'm hoping to participate in WIP Wednesdays along with the group over at Tami's Amis.

I have many works in progress right now, some more exciting than others. I chose one that is really just barely in progress because I'm excited about it. It's just a gauge swatch.

I have had this yard for years- two, I think. It was  gift for my birthday, to make socks for myself, but I never did. I have brought it out many times thinking to use it for this project or that... it's so precious to me, though, that nothing has been worthy of it until now.

I'm using it to make Korrigan, a top-down cardigan.

I fell in love with this cardigan over at Sew Liberated where Meg has just given birth to a beautiful daughter named Sadie. She knit a deep purple Korrigan in expectation of the sweet girl. I was smitten!

Now it is my turn to knit one, and this yarn, which is also a deep purple colorway (with some green and pink), will do the job. I wound a ball from the hank and set to work this morning, my first WIP Wednesday. There you have it. Next Wednesday, this will probably still be a work in progress.

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