Tuesday, February 04, 2014

24 days, Keep Calm Craft On!

At the end of every pregnancy I go a little crazy. 
Waiting for Tristan. 
Waiting for Kassiopeia.
Waiting for Anatoly.
Waiting for Romneya. 
Waiting for Georgiana.

Here I am, at the end of this my fifth pregnancy. Our little Georgiana kicks and wiggles a lot. I have many physical complaints that I won't list. I am 'due' in 24 days. 

This time, even my crazy is a little crazy. I have days where all I can do is think of things to make and make them. Then I have days that leave me exhausted on the couch watching Sherlock out of one squinted eye. Yesterday was a Sherlock day. Today, I hope, will be the other kind. I do have a lot to make before the baby comes. 

  • A diaper bag based on this tutorial
  • A few baby wipes per day. (I have them cut, just serging the edges)
  • Another pocket sling
  • A bengkung wrap like this one and another like this one.  
  • The Baptismal gown and cap.
  • A few simple cotton blankets for bed pads under me and baby. 
  • Baby gifts for several mama-friends who are also due soon, many before me. 

But what have I actually been doing? Knitting teeny-tiny hats. And decorating my room in a nesty fervor. 

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm, Craft On

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