Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dolls for Boys

My title is provocative, no? Well, these are the dolls I am making for my two youngest who I often refer to as 'the boys' even though I have another boy, my oldest. The dolls must be done in time to give as a surprise gift when baby comes. And in order to be a surprise, I have to make them in complete secret. In a homeschooling house with 4 kids.

I had the supplies on hand. That's nice. But I also had another reason to choose this project as their 'new sibling' gift. Rome already has one, you see, and I was repairing it last week.

Bunny in progress.
Bunny when he was new.
Bunny in his knickers.
His name is Bunny and he has seen lots of repair. Looking at Bunny you would think he was decades old, but he is only 1.5. Bunny was a gift for Rome's 4th birthday, the one that ended in an ICU stay and massive skull fracture for Rome. It was after this that Rome began to refer to both his doll and himself as Bunny. They are big and little Bunny. When little Bunny was new he had a super cape, and a shirt and pants, and a doctor's coat with a red cross on it.  He also had a lot more hair than he has now.

Super little Bunny
When Rome was in the ICU, family came with all his birthday gifts so he could see them. He had not yet opened them when he fell, causing a 7 inch fracture through his skull. Little Bunny began his ICU stay, too.
Rome and Little Bunny with the nurse.
Little Bunny with head bandage and many owies.
Rome at home having his birthday cake. He's 4! He recovered from the fracture which ended up being the least of his struggle.  He has a traumatic brain injury that he will not be in stasis from until he is 8 or so, and then we will be able to determine the permanent damage. The area of his brain which was injured deals with emotions, anxiety, and short-term memory. In the 1.5 years since the accident we have been through many stages of recovery from this and I am sure we will go through more. 
Anyway, I suppose I put all that in as backstory just to explain that I was repairing Little Bunny. Boy, has the doll seen some serious abuse. People make sad faces when they see him, but not Rome. Rome loves him with an undying love. Still, it may be time to put little Bunny up on a special shelf and visit him only at bedtime for hugging. He's kind of falling apart.
Bunny and little Bunny last week. As loved as ever... 
This is the first reason I decided to make a new doll for the Boys.

The second reason also stems from my repairing little Bunny. While I was doing so, Rome asked me to knit little Bunny some socks. I had some dpns and leftovers of rainbow yarn nearby so I did it. That kind of immediate follow through is really rare in this house. Usually I say I will but I don't for 2 months. I could make all kinds of excuses for why this is, but really, I am mother to 4 and expecting a fifth. Do I need to write excuses out? I wish I was the follow through mother. When I can be, I am. Like with the socks. There was the yarn, there were the needles, and I was already sitting on the couch.

While I was knitting the second sock, the older of 'the boys', Anatoly who is 7, was sitting next to me playing his handheld game system. I had no idea he even knew what I was up to when he burst into tears!

Once he calmed down enough to speak coherently, he railed at me that I had promised to make him a doll but never did. (It's true, sort of.) He complained that he really wanted one and all I ever did was make nice clothes for little Bunny. I felt so terrible. I had no idea it meant so much to Toly. I had mentioned (promised?) the doll in passing when some new doll supplies had come in the mail. But Toly had not forgotten. I had.

So now you see why I must finish these dolls and soon. I don't know if the new doll for Rome will be accepted by him, we will see. I need to work also on a special place to keep little Bunny in our room. What will they call their new friends?

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm, Craft On.
Progress today since I wrote this post. 

needle and thREAD
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