Friday, February 28, 2014

Happy Due Date!

Any day now...

We had a great day. We went out to breakfast, did errands, and were lazy about the house. 

Not sure what this gesture is, but it is cute.
My star. He is growing into the best imaginable guy.
Someone has a loose tooth! And Toly is looking like such a gentleman.

In the afternoon I took Kassi and we got our nails done together. It was Kassi's first time for a pedicure. Just us girls. 

Happy girl!
They really doted on her. Gave her candy, insisted on doing her hands as well, and gave her little flowers.
And now we wait! I have given birth at 40w5d, 40w2d, 39w1d and 40w4d. My babies have been 8lb10oz, 7lb10oz, 8lb6oz and unknown, much smaller (Rome- an unassisted birth and we never took him in to be weighed) My labors have been 9, 27, 4 and 3 hours long. It will be interesting to see where this one falls on the spectrum. And of course we cannot wait to meet her.
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