Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little Jacket for G

I used the embroidery I tried out yesterday to embellish a felted wool jacket. This pattern is super simple and lovely. Mine is made from 100% fulled wool flannel and lined with thick cotton flannel. I added the oversized pocket for embellishment's sake- this jacket is too small to need a useful pocket. I have polyacetal snaps so I used one instead of the sewn-in snap in the tutorial. I also decided to topstich the entire jacket. The tutorial did not have me do this, but I am not fond of lined items that are not topstitched. Seems like in every wash they become messy and misaligned. 

I'd say this is a 2-4 month size. It looks deceptively large because it is woven and lined. I highly recommend this tutorial. 

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