Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Make More Things

Keep Calm, Craft On

I really need those words today. I am due in three days. Yesterday the number was four, proof that time is indeed moving forward despite all evidence otherwise. I had a couple hours of strong contractions the night before last. With incredible maturity and calm, I did not wake anyone but rested in bed breathing through them, hoping to get as much rest as I could. And they stopped.

Logically I am happy for these warm-ups. They mean a shorter labor for me. They are good for baby. But emotionally, I was a grouch all day yesterday for having been teased by my body. I could pretend to be calm and accepting, but part of me was really excited.  I know I will meet Georgiana soon enough, that is not really the issue. It is so complex, the waiting for labor. Part of it is wanting to meet baby, but a larger part is wanting to embrace the labor I must go through to meet her. Just do it. Then I will not have to wonder when or how or what it it will be, I will have done it. I know I can do it.

Last night, I went to bed hopeful still that I might have a repeat of the contractions from the night before. But no- I slept well. I am abnormally hot today as if I have been in a bath for too long, but even wandering around my dark, chilly house in a tank and bare feet is not cooling me off.

This brings me to crafting today. We have until 1:00pm to get to our Tuesday park day, so I figure I can get the schoolwork in and do some sewing. Maybe Georgiana refuses to be born until I have made a pocket sling that fits daddy. Maybe she wants a felted wool jacket. These two items are on the agenda for this morning.

The pocket sling has been on the list. I have one I made of organic cotton fleece for the early days. It has a bit of stretch and is very warm, and it will not do for later when we are out and about a lot. I had been planning to make a couple more of thick linen I have in dark brown when another fabric came to me over the weekend. We were at an estate sale and they had a brand new, never washed king flat sheet made of very high quality twill cotton flannel. I have seen flannel like it before but never in such an affordable and vast amount. I hope to make a sling or two of it today and dye them (it's natural) with some of the Procion Dye I have from making my maternity clothes. Maybe one marigold yellow and another avocado green. I'll use the bread bag method like I have in the past to give them a nice effect.

I washed the flannel to make the sling. 

The felted wool jacket should no doubt be lined with this flannel, but we will see. I haven't used this tutorial before so I am not sure how I will like it. It seems like a project that makes a person wish they could embroider. I wish I could embroider!

Wish me luck in the keeping calm part of crafting on.

Anatoly's picture of a sock monkey. 

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