Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Robin & Pim

I mentioned in another post that I had spoiled the surprise of the new dolls for the boys.

Toly was having a really rough day and I thought showing him what I had been sneaking away to work on would help. It did, in a limited, way, but wasn't an instant fix or anything. Later, though, he came around and got excited about the doll. He named his Pim.

Rome was also there and was initially confused about the second doll.

"Who is this doll for?"
"It's for you! You both will have new dolls soon."
"But I already have Bunny."
"I know you have Bunny. But I thought you would like a new doll to go with Toly's new doll."
"Okay. Bunny can be the baby doll and this can be the big brother."

Later, because it was no longer secret, I worked on the hair in the living room with Rome handing me strands to put in.

"I want to name him Robin."
"That's a wonderful name."
"But Robin doesn't sound good with Bunny so I have to rename Bunny."

I'm not sure how I feel about him renaming Bunny, but I guess it is none of my business. I have mentioned a couple of times that I think Bunny might need to be retired to a special shelf. I am hoping that when Robin and Pim are complete, Rome will feel comfortable with letting Bunny rest.

The dolls are almost complete. I have to make hearts for them and sew the bodies together with the hearts inside. The feet need work, and the wigs aren't quite done. After that it will just be clothing.

Robin on the left and Pim on the right.
Toly is watching me type this and begging me to work on Pim. It is kind of nice to not have them as secret projects anymore. That means I can bring the wig work to the park today and finish the wigs.

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for Keep Calm Craft On.
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