Sunday, February 23, 2014

Waiting Around

Just waiting around for baby. Yesterday I had an incredible prenatal massage. It was a shower gift and a very generous one! Today it is some hours after church and Karl has the kids off at the YMCA for swimming. I am cleaning the house (well, not right at this moment, but a girl has to take a break every now and then!) and feeling a wee bit nesty. The front windows are open. What a beautiful day!

We found this chalkboard (below) at a thrift shop for a couple of bucks. Karl put it on the wall at kid-height and they have been loving it. Above it are the silhouettes we had done about 18 months ago by Karl Johnson. When Georgi is sitting up, we have a red frame all ready for hers. He frequents the Bay Area. 

Super chalky fun.

Karl hung up the hammock! Oh, we just loved a hammock with Rome. I am hopeful it will come in handy this time as well. He put one ring for it to hang here in the homeschool room. There will be another in the kitchen so we can move it back and forth. It is basically a comfortable, safe place for baby when I just can't hold her but want her nearby. She can see interesting things from it and the kids won't trample her. 

Hammock and computer desk.

From the other side. 

Robin & Pim like it.

Other than that nothing much is happening. I am knitting a lot. 

Poppy-orange pants for Georgiana. This is more of the merino wool I dyed awhile back. 

The three littlest and I went to a taqueria the other day while Tristan was at a D&D game. 

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