Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Making a Baby Surprise

I dyed some yarn to make a baby surprise... snowsuit! It won't be used for snow but that is what they're calling this cute pattern that uses EZ's Baby Surprise as a base. I used heather grey merino wool and Dharma Acid Dyes. The yarn is so soft you would barely believe it was wool to feel it.

Yarn and swatch. The colors here are all wrong... they are peacock blue and blazing orange.  The un-dyed yarn is heather grey. They look more patriotic in these pictures than they are.

I have printed the spreadsheets other knitters have shared for keeping track of the BSJ. This isn't my first BSJ, but it is my first snowsuit. Still, reading EZ's instructions makes me crazy. The main sticking point for me is how she marks the increase and decrease stitches in the stitch. I prefer to put markers on either side so they come along with me every row. Also, I have a hard time reading garter stitch when things go badly.

I swatched this wool on 7s and got 5 st/inch. I like the looser fabric this produced (as in the swatch pictured) but I may swatch it up again on 5s to see what I get and if I like it.

We're going camping when Georgiana will be about 3 months old and again when she's 7 or 8 months. I figure if this ends up fitting at either of those stages it will be a success! The snowsuit pattern says 6 mos at 5 st/inch but I can't really know if they mean normal baby 6 months or giant baby 6 month and also, of course, I don't know which sort Georgi will be. Can't wait to find out!

Joining in for both WIP Wednesdays and Yarn Along!

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