Wednesday, February 05, 2014

WIP Wednesday: What a Mess!

I have been looking for knitting needles. I want to knit cute little things for the baby, you know.

My collection of knitting needles is sparse. I have whole sizes skipped so I don't have any, and many missing dpns or broken circulars. Most of the losses happened when my 4 children were all 6 and under, but I'm not laying blame on anyone...

Some yarn I want to knit things out of. 

A messy ball of yarn and not enough dpns in my set of 2s to knit things out of it. 

Yeah, I did this. I just wanted to find my missing dpns!

So my WIP for this Wednesday is cleaning the mess I have made in my frantic search for the needles I am missing. If I could buy something for myself, anything, I would buy a complete needle set. Now that I have a sewing/craft room with a locking door, I could keep them safe.

I would buy a set of knitpicks interchangeables, plus a set of their small- sizes 6" silver dpns, plus one pair in 16" of each circular sizes 1-6. Well, that would get me started!

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