Monday, March 24, 2014

three a day

Starting today, I'm reading aloud three books a day* from our collection. These are mostly children's picture books that I have collected here and there. I had the idea that I would read them then donate them because we have run out of shelf space, but our first three were thoroughly enjoyed and no one wanted to part with them. So we decided to donate only those we feel like parting with.

This was the least favorite of our three, but 5 yo Rome wants us to keep it. I think he likes True the best.

This was my favorite. It is beautifully written and I could almost see 7yo Toly's brain turning as he imagined that he was the tiny caterpillar whose whole world shook when the wind blew.

Very funny, dear, and apparently a series. We may get more of this series from the library.

*as the mother of a three week old and four other kids, I reserve the right to not read new books aloud every day. But I'm going to try!
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