Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moving on with the year

Georgiana at 11 weeks. She is the happiest baby imaginable. She has slept through the night every night since her baptism, rarely cries, and loves everything babies are supposed to dislike. She loves diaper changes. She loves being passed around to person after person. Her needs are easily met. I have no idea why she is so angelic (none of my other four were like this) but I'm enjoying it while I can. 

Last Sunday was Karl's 50th Birthday party. It was great fun, but it was also a marker in my mind that kept me from thinking beyond that date. Now that it is passed, on we go. Upcoming: Two parties for which we must make gifts, A camping trip with our homeschool group, Our annual parish picnic and costume party, Kassi's 10th birthday and her party, Church camp for a week, Rome's 6th birthday and his party, Tristan's 12th birthday and his party, perhaps a visit from my family, the school year resumes,  a fall camping trip, Toly turns 8 and his party...

That pretty much sums up our summer. And it's not even summer yet. 

So I focus on the tasks at hand: I must make the costumes for the picnic, the gifts for friends, and Kassi's birthday dress. Kassi wants a mythology theme for her party so also in the back of my mind are the bits and bobs for that- garlands of leaves and flowers sewn on ribbon, decadent foods, and maybe even some chiton

The theme for the picnic costume contest is "Cultures & Customs." Karl's grandfather was from Germany, so lederhosen and dirndls it is. I'm German by association, right? I found a great tutorial for making costume lederhosen from corduroy pants. Not authentic, I know, but I have 3 weeks. For the dirndls I am doing two things. In Kassi & Georgi's case, I am winging it with a sleeveless dress I'll modify to look dirndl-y. In my case I have purchased the Folkwear Austrian Dirndl pattern (#123) and will be using it to create something suitable. 

The gifts for friends will be simple enough. One,  an 11 year old boy, will be receiving a homemade adventure satchel. The other friends are adults and will receive some jam and soap we have already made. 

There you have it.

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