Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Family Pet

Kosmos when he first arrived
at the O'Melay House.

We have a cat named Kosmos.

We didn't always, of course, and I am here to share his arrival story.

We haven't had a house pet in 5 years, not unless you count those fish that didn't live very long. Of course the kids have wanted one, of course they've begged, but we couldn't have one when we were renting and when we got the house it was under so much construction we didn't feel like it would be fair. Plus, we weren't sure how to choose a pet or even if it was a good choice.
Georgi reads a letter to Kosmos from
his former owners. 

Kosmos is a bit camera shy.
I have wanted a dog since we left our livestock guardians behind in Missouri. Still, it felt wrong to have a dog in the city, even with a yard. I know people do it and walk them and give them great lives but I was not sure I was that kind of people and I still don't know how I could find that out before getting a dog. It's a good thing we decided against a dog. I spent some time at a dog park around dog people recently and I'm now 95% certain I am not dog people. Knowledge is power!

Well, how about a cat, then? Kassiopeia in particular had been begging for one, and I had even spent some time looking at options in the hypoallergenic range. I'm mildly allergic to cats. We had loads of cats on our farm but they lived outdoors. That I can handle. But I knew in the city we'd have an indoor cat at least part of the time. Bengals, Russian Blues, some breeds are supposed to be hypoallergenic.

While I was researching these options I fell a bit in love with Russian Blues, but I wasn't about to call a breeder or anything and I was open to adopting from our local shelter.

Also while I was looking, dear friends of ours adopted a stray that had shown up at their door. He was beautiful and young and needed their love. They took him in and named him Cosmos. Their daughter and our Kassiopeia were fast friends, so Kassi met Cosmos a few times. She would come home waxing on and on about him and how she wanted a kitty of her own.

Sadly, it wasn't long after that they found out they had to move for work. I know it wasn't an easy decision for them to leave Cosmos behind, it was really hard all around.  We miss them always.

Yes, we adopted him. We changed his first initial to commemorate his new home (and to conform to the K-ness of Karl and Kassiopeia.) And we have loved him ever since. I am not allergic to him, not even a bit. He's perfect.
Not shy in any other way.

His first family sends him letters. Kassiopeia loves having this connection to her now long-distance friend. And Kosmos is a great hunter- he brought us a rat!

We feed him a grain free diet. Having been a stray, he must go outdoors, and he does well here. He leaves our chickens be and takes turns sleeping with each of the kids. He keeps Georgiana in line gently, another great attribute. She loves him to death and one of her first sentences was "Kosmos is an animal!" although it sounded more like "Kompos an amminal!"

That's our family pet, Kosmos. Thanks for letting us care for him, friends!
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