Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Slowly, as the Kitchen Nears Completion

Tristan and friends at Aubergine.
We've been tearing down and rebuilding (the concept of renovation hardly does it justice) our kitchen since November 2015. No one could have prepared me for how disturbing this process would be to the entire family, our house- our way of life. I cannot wait for it to be over and when it is, we are taking a lengthy break from 'renovation'!

Even so, I have noticed a slow return to the normal activities of our home. We are getting out more and finding peace with the long rebuild.

Tristan went to a Teen Night event at the Berkeley Repertory Theater. What a great time he had! The play was Aubergine and he came home announcing how beautiful it had been.

Anatoly, who started with beginning foil this semester, has reached the point where he must wear the gear and bring his foil. This is extremely exciting. I am not sure what I expected him to think about fencing, but I am overjoyed that he loves it.

Georgiana tasting Thai noodles at
 the Buddhist Temple.
Anatoly modeling his fencing kit.
A family bike ride after many
weeks without one. 

Georgiana and her Godmother at church-
a place we would like to visit more often.
 We have made it out to the Buddhist Temple nearby for lunch a few times. This is a huge treat for us, but so nearby and such a tradition that I am glad we have made time for it.

And church- we've been so sporadic in our attendance. I'd like to make time to attend Vigil again soon, especially with Great Lent approaching. It just feels like each weekend is a push for the kitchen and Karl, who is doing all of the work, is exhausted. It is hard to clean up and hop in the car for Vigil. Sometimes we are so immersed in a stage of the renovation that it doesn't make sense to attend Sunday morning, either. I have to remind myself that this is temporary.

What really made me feel a sense of normal was a family bike ride we made time for the other day. Georgiana hadn't been on a ride in so long, she loved it! We didn't go far, but it was enough. Now I want to take the bikes out every day. We are having a rare sunny week, but the rain will return. We had better get out there and enjoy it while we can.

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