Monday, March 07, 2016

Foil Fencing Family

Just the kids. I wish I had the space in my days to take up fencing. There was a time when I was serious about starting–when we lived right by the club. Now, there isn't much of a chance until Georgiana is older.

Tristan started fencing when he was barely 9, just old enough to get into the classes offered by our then-local salle. I guess that means he's been fencing 41/2 years. 

Kassi started as soon as she was old enough.  She loves it. 

And just this year Toly started fencing. I was worried that he might reject it in some attempt to distinguish himself from his older siblings. He loves it. 

We are beyond spoiled by the salle we happened to join from the beginning. At the time it was right down the street. Now it is freeways away in Bay Area traffic, but we can't see going anywhere else. Illness and baby have caused us to take breaks in the past, but we're really happy right now to be dedicated to fencing as the sport of choice. 

When Toly moves to the next division this summer, they can all bout one another. I think they're looking forward to that. 

And let's not pretend there isn't a bit of this in mind at all times:

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