Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Keeping Home School Records

I haven't kept school records. That's just the truth. Right now I don't have to because the charter we use does it for me. That is one small benefit of charter schools, I guess. But even before we joined a charter I didn't keep records. The kids were little and things just happened as they needed to. At the beginning of a season I might make a plan, but I rarely–if ever–kept track of it.

There are traces on this blog of my attempts at organization. What a weird and wonderful homeschooling life we've led. I've tried almost everything in terms of curriculum. I've done it myself and I've thrown money at it. I've learned that our homeschool style has to be as unique as our children, and the more children you have the more so. When they are small it is easy enough.

As we might have predicted, they aren't so little anymore.

I'm starting to think seriously about creating a transcript for Tristan, 13. He would be in High School next year. I owe this idea to the influence of my homeschool group as their kids- older than Tristan- either move onto high school or college. Scrambling to get a transcript together doesn't look or sound fun to me. Don't get me wrong–I am not one to get started early on anything–but maybe I should be.

Okay, so what if I want to make a transcript as we go through these next years? It's all questions from there.

-What does a High School transcript look like?
-What are the issues that homeschool parents come up against in   making one? (Is it easy to over-do, or hard to fill in, etc?)
-When should I start? Is there any benefit to keeping a portfolio
from younger grades?

I don't  have any of these answers, but I do have my homeschool group to ask. I'm sure I will receive a huge bounty of varied information to weed through. I will have to form an answer to this for our family, one that will be uniquely "us", and that we can apply uniquely to each kid as needed.

All this has me ready to record more of what we do here on this blog, although it would take me ages upon ages to fill in the days to the letter. Maybe each child can have a weekly record–even that sounds daunting as I type– maybe not. I know I will need to get into the habit of record-keeping. I couldn't be farther from this habit right now.

Do you keep records?
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