Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Weekly Check-in, March Week 1

This week was Georgiana's Birthday Week! And so we took a day off.

Tristan followed his schedule with ease. On Tuesday, Kassi helped him with his Chemistry experiments. They made Prussian Blue and learned about indicators.

The big excitement for Tristan this week was meeting his new piano instructor. I am really excited about this arrangement because he is coming to our house. He seems like a perfect fit. He lives nearby so it was easy for him to get here. He is also really laid back and child-led. They spent the house talking and worked a bit on Let It Go, the song Tristan has been trying to learn from You Tube. The teacher is going to come for an hour each Wednesday through May.

Tristan has been practicing more during the day since the teacher came. I'm hopeful that this renewed energy will be rewarding to him.

Kassiopeia had some bumps with her schedule but figured it out. Her work shuffles her days around sometimes. She enjoyed helping Tristan with Chemistry and may do that more often.

She also had a new music teacher visit this week- for violin. We both really liked her! They're having 45 minute lessons on Fridays through May. Kassi would like to at least get to a place where she can practice on her own through the summer.

Anatoly and Rome are both having issues with the schedule. Anatoly because he doesn't like doing things over and over, Rome because he feels like he needs help with every little thing and others are not always available to help.

I want to see if a little bit more time won't help Toly realize how little is really on his list.

For Rome, I am not sure what to do. He won't put in the time he needs to step his reading up to the next level and that mean he does need help with every aspect of his day. I know it frustrates him, and I wish I could help him understand that learning to read fluently is the ticket to his freedom in that regard.

Rome had his first real sleepover this weekend, then went to see Zootopia with his friend. It was a big step!

Tristan and Kassiopeia both entered an under-20 fencing event and Tristan took the bronze medal! Kassiopeia was picked to help keep the tally, something she really likes to do. She also got in loads of touches on her bouts, even those she lost. She is improving by leaps and bounds.  Tristan caused a major upset with his final win, taking bronze and switching the Gold and Silver medalists at the same time. It was fun to watch!

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