Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Weekly Check-in: March Week 2

This is rapidly turning from a check-in to a rough list of things we did in addition to baseline. Maybe that is what it needs to be.

Tristan: I can say with full confidence that the new piano teacher is the highlight of this and all weeks. I can't imagine a better fit. This week Karl got to observe a bit and is just as impressed. Tristan is making great progress–already–and the teacher is such a positive, pleasant guy. We ordered a new book to brush up Tristan's sight reading, on his recommendation:

Tristan also received the new foil he had saved for and loves it. Fencing is rapidly becoming more of a focus.

He asked me to create this short video of him having fun with his Chemistry Set. (Thames & Kosmos CHEM C3000 (V 2.0) )

Kassi: Baking has been Kassi's main interest, as well as her new violin teacher. She has been having trouble keeping up with her curriculum of choice and we need to revisit that. Another thing I have seen more of has been sketching. Fencing, too, is taking center stage.

Anatoly and Rome: These guys have had too much fun with the mud in the back yard. Yikes.

They both enjoyed a documentary about super-deadly animals.

Toly is doing great at fencing class and can't wait to graduate to Foil 2. He is impatient to get to a place where he can enter tournaments, although he knows he probably won't win them for a while. 

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