Thursday, April 28, 2016


We've all been sick. I'm not sure how it started, but I may be getting better this morning. I want to be cautious about it because this illness, presumably some virus, has a way of getting worse when you least expect it. I guess I have only been ill for a week. It feels like more because some kids were sick before, and I had been trying to shake a cough for weeks even before this.

I had not been getting much sleep. The virus pounced.

Symptoms have ranged from eye infections in several to hives, fever, cough, ear infections, and vomiting. It's multi-faceted.

It's Holy Week and we are sick. We feel we've been absent from Lent more than present, and now not a single Holy Week service. It's times like these–and they occur a lot with a large family–when I have to recall that word, vouchsafe, and hold it in my heart.

We just want to be well for Holy Saturday and Pascha. As I drifted to sleep last night I realized with disbelief that this is my 5th Pascha. On Holy Saturday 5 years ago, there were many celebrating their 10th Pascha. Here I am, halfway there. That's how time passes.

I just lay there and thought about it for a while. How can any of us be expected to deal with the cruel pace of life? Are some people better-suited to it? Not that it matters. Ever onward!

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