Tuesday, June 07, 2016

back in cloth

When our older kids were in diapers, I spent a lot more time than I do now talking about diapering. Cloth diapers weren't as popular, and it felt like there were no resources or support. We figured it out–largely through the help of online forums and friends–and with subsequent children it was less of an issue. I have used every conceivable diaper system, had multiple kids in diapers, and washed everywhere from diaper service to laundromats to clotheslines and even the bathtub. Even still, I have not encountered all the issues. I'm really grateful to those online groups and the friends I made when we were figuring it all out.

Fast-forward 10 years. We began diapering Georgiana in prefolds with snappis, pins, and wool covers. This has been our mainstay and a system I often come back to. As she grew, though, we invested in some pocket diapers on Amazon. These, I thought, were worth a try. I didn't have time or money to knit more wool covers and these would act as both diaper and cover. I have used Fuzzibunz in the past, but these ended up being different. The interior of the new pockets was poly suedecloth, not microfleece.

They worked wonderfully! Until... they betrayed me. They began causing chemical burns on G's skin. It was an issue I had heard of but never encountered. She had no problem wearing the diapers, but when she peed, the chemical reaction burned her skin. This was so upsetting that it only took a few experiences before I banished the diapers to a trash bag and switched to disposables.

Yeah, that's right- I switched to disposables full time after four kids in cloth. But it had to be done. If you haven't seen a chemical diaper burn you won't understand. For what it is worth, we used Naty's, and they were wonderful. Also, our decision was based on our previous kids all getting out of diapers around 2. We figured we didn't have much longer in diapers anyway.

So why 'back in cloth'? Well, G has her own ideas. She isn't interested in the potty and won't even look at it. So recently I did some research about our chemical burns and decided to try again.

I stripped the diapers, I boiled them. I washed them in Synthrapol. I hung them on the line until I was satisfied that they had no build-up of any kind. We are using them again. And it's working!

Everyone is glad we are back in cloth. I am monitoring every wash to prevent more build-up. In the pictures below you can see the pocket diapers, inserts, and a few Mother-ease OS from the olden days that I use on wash days.  

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